Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

It’s time again to take a deep dive into our Google analytics to see what keyword searches landed visitors on the World Pie Domination website. As always, the results never fail to disappoint:

  1. Columbia Potties. Huh. You know what I don’t like? Porta Potties. And not knowing 100% for certain if a hyphen belongs in Porta Potties. And the word “potties” in general.

  2. Pie Shipping Box. Finding a good box to ship a pie in is an elusive, dark, and mysterious dream. Finding one to ship six Jelly Jar pies in is even more so...think like Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born dark and elusive. Nonetheless, we figured it out. Please reference Year 2 of the blog…somewhere toward the summertime.

  3. Grease Trap Photos. Let me tell you with all sincerity…YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE INSIDE OF A GREASE TRAP. The last time ours was pumped out, we played a game wherein each person had to name their price to stand in the grease trap while it was full, with no socks or shoes on. Kardashian levels of cash were discussed.

  4. What is PJP? Oh, goodness. Get with the program. Not only is she a store, she’s basically a person.

  5. Disappearing Eyebrows. Last year, Jeanne got her eyebrows microbladed and I’ve been low key jealous since then because her brows look amazing all of the time. Meanwhile, I’m over here trying to make my blonde brows something more with the Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow pencil. It’s work, people.

  6. Date Code Genie Labels. We bought a new sticker printer a few months ago and it makes us all tremendously happy. In fact, if there were a fire, it is the second thing I would be sure to haul out the door (the first is the pie press, tho the sticker printer is way easier to carry). At any rate, we order labels from the Date Code Genie company. Plus 10,000 points for the cool machine. Minus 8,000 points for the dumb name.

  7. Bakery Blades. This makes me think of Edward Scissorhands. And also a term of endearment at PJP is “I will cut you”, which makes us an odd bunch and we are ok with that. In short, I’m saying I have no idea what bakery blades are.

  8. I See You, Baby. Um, I see you too? That’s weird. Also, nobody puts baby in the corner.

  9. Homemade Acrylic Nails. I love a good gel manicure every 12-14 days. That gives me enough cosmetology knowledge to say making acrylic nails at home can’t end well. Zero stars - do not recommend.

  10. Bleach Blog. I’m hereby cancelling the Jeanne-ology series and rather requiring her to write regularly about her cleaning techniques. We shall call it the Bleach Blog and Clorox can sponsor it. I’m here for it.

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