Pot Pies. And Payment Processors.

Jeanne and I spent a fair portion of our day at PJP Buttonwood, prepping for a busy pre-holiday Tuesday.  And in full disclosure, Jeanne was there a lot longer than I was because she made both chicken AND beef pot pie from scratch to fill up our front freezer.  I swear, if Jeanne ever leaves PJP, then I guess pot pie does too because I'm not sure I have it in my skill set to prepare and cut all the meat and vegetables she includes in her increasingly famous pot pies.  Her last batch sold out in just a few days, leaving Jeanne standing in front of the freezer, looking at empty shelves like...


While Jeanne carved up chickens like a boss, I worked on setting up our ShipStation store like the technology challenged person that I am.  For at least two years, we've had the goal to transition our online shipping from Square Marketplace, simply because Square Marketplace doesn't have the capability to calculate shipping based on the final destination of the package.  Most sites now calculate shipping based on the zip code you enter when you check out and that's what we wanted...except we didn't have a darn clue how it worked.  Thankfully our friends at Hoot Design knew how to make it happen when they built the site (so, basically, I still don't understand how it works).

All I needed to do was connect our website to ShipStation and then connect all that to the third party payment processor.  And honestly...that took watching five video tutorials, two online chats with SquareSpace, one online chat with the payment processor, reading two emailed links from Hoot Design, a marginal amount of swearing, and a solid lesson in patience.  And a partridge in a pear tree.  But now it works and you are kidding yourself if you don't think I'm ridiculously proud of myself, despite all the above listed nonsense.  If I ever need a resume again, I'm totally listing "e-commerce skills" on it.  Ahem.

So, to make a long story short, you can now order Jelly Jars from our webpage and it will calculate the shipping cost for two-day UPS delivery right before your very eyes.  Magical, I tell you...MAGICAL.

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