Jeanne-ology: Don't Plan On It.

Hi There - It’s Thursday and tonight Jeanne shares all of her feelings about scheduling. It likely won’t surprise you, but she doesn’t care to have her time scheduled…not a single bit. Which is ironic because she raised me - a chronic planner. Interesting, no? Enjoy! Rebecca


Early this morning, Rebecca and I talked on the phone about our Thursday woes - mainly what to do about the weather and PJP. It was hard to decide what to do about the winter weather! Minimal ice and snow arrived last evening, but the weather forecasters were telling us what was headed our way. We both grabbled with making the best decision. Rebecca's anxiety was beginning mount, I could hear it in her voice. She does not handle change very well. She needs a schedule to work with and then she is fine. In fact, my grandkids are the same. I think they have learned this from her.  (Rebecca editing to add: well, they didn’t learn it from her. Her only regular commitment is going to bed at 8 pm.)

I remember going on vacation with Rebecca and the family a few years ago. Good grief, if she ever leaves the pie shop behind, she should become a tour guide. I am not kidding. She would tell Plum and I what time we needed to rise, get dressed, and meet them in the lobby. Otherwise we would miss a major attraction she had planned on the first day of vacation. When you are in your sixties or seventies, a vacation means relaxing and enjoy yourself. Plum and I could barely gulp down any coffee or have time to watch the news. After a week of staying on her schedule, Plum and I were exhausted. We both knew we needed another of vacation once we got home just to renew our energy. (Rebecca editing to add: Pfft. They drink coffee and watch the news until noon if they are left unchecked!)

But thank goodness for Rebecca and for her determination that everything needs to run on schedule. For someone like me who can more laid back with details, her scheduling has been tough for me…but without her skill set, PJP wouldn't be where it is today. (Rebecca editing to add: This is a pretty generous statement about me. When she wears out with me, she tells me I’m bossy.)

After making a decision about today, I settled down and drank probably four cups of coffee and relaxed. Rebecca? She and my granddaughter cleaned out two big closets and properly organized every thing. She FaceTimed me to show me how organized everything looked. I was still in my lounging clothes, hadn't brushed my teeth, or combed my hair. This was about three o'clock this afternoon. S he told me I looked rough. Sound about right to me, because I knew she was right. Heck, I hadn't even looked into a mirror today. What's the point? (Rebecca editing to add: I also did some tweaks on our websites, proofread my son’s English paper, answered a slew of emails, balanced QuickBooks, and cleaned the drawers in our refrigerator. I don’t chill well sometimes.)

Rebecca may have schedules and time limits, but I am better at relaxing. I don't feel guilty staying home in bad weather. In fairness, at her age she reminds me of myself. I, too, could not relax. I now realize that some things we just can’t control. Maybe this wisdom comes with age?  Maybe with experience, who knows? The only thing I know right now, is that, I am thankful to be writing this as I am still in my lounging clothes. 

I will rise early again and face a cold day without bad weather. Rebecca will make the baking schedule and hand it to me. I will sigh, but not say a word because I am thankful for another day in the pie shop. However, if she brings up vacation destinations, (she usually does this time of year) for her and Jason and the kids, I can relax knowing that schedule I will not have to keep. (Rebecca editing to add: her 2019 vacation is already planned. It will be at her house, wherein she will watch television all week in her lounging clothes with no concern to what day of the week it is.)