I Digress.

Look, basically NOTHING interesting has happened at PJP over the course of the last several days. Unless you count ordering in a new supply of gift cards…which I don’t. Or opening the bill from the accountant and realizing that she’s amping up to do our 2018 taxes, which is straight up one of my least favorite topics ever. (I’ve noticed that in this sort of late winter downtime, people are all over Instagram and desperate for some content…so they usually post some introduction of themselves that is generally overly effusive, excessively cheery, and interminably optimistic. And that’s precisely why I can’t post that my name is Rebecca, I love a quality cheese platter, my dog makes my heart so full, and I have an irrational fear of the IRS.)

But I digress. Here’s a few things worth noting:

  1. Just in case you haven’t noticed that the local grocery store is selling a single red rose for FIVE DOLLARS currently, please note that Valentine’s Day is Thursday. We have a lot of pies on order and Joanne will be available to make your pie into a bundle with a beautiful ribbon and pie server and/or tea towel if you wish. If the love of your life really really really really loves a certain pie, I’d jump on over to our online order form now to avoid finding our shelves empty.

  2. Our Date Night/Bake Night event for Friday has sold out (it actually sold out in less than a few hours). No worries though, we are looking through our calendar and planning another one soon. There are a few tickets left for February’s Epic Pie Tasting scheduled for later this month. Which, actually, would be a super cute present if your Valentine is a pie super fan.

  3. For the first time, we are collaborating with the True/False Film Festival. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited because I will watch any sort of documentary, even if it means trying to convince Jason that we should sleep with the light on (I’m looking at you, Ted Bundy on Netflix). We will be sampling out pies at the Friday night Reality Bites event and Jason and I are attending the Filmmakers Fete on Saturday night…and then we have a fair number of passes for Team PJP for the weekend. Any pro tips for navigating the weekend to do and see the most?

  4. And hey, by the time that is all over, it will be time to start prepping for World Pie Day on March 14th. Mark it in your calendars now.

  5. And then, next on our calendar is PJP’s FIFTH birthday. She’s growing up, yo. That might be worth an overly effusive, excessively cheery, and interminably optimistic Instagram post.