Acknowledge It.

It is time again to take a deep dive into our Google analytics to see what keyword searches landed visitors on the World Pie Domination blog site. As always, the results never fail to disappoint…

  1. Jean’s World. Apparently 96 people searched this phrase and then decided to click on our site. I do agree it would be a great title for the book she should write or the Youtube channel she should develop. This is Jean’s world and we are all just living in it.

  2. PJP Stock. I would totally take PJP public just so I could finagle my way to Wall Street and ring the opening bell at the stock market. Sadly, all my public trading knowledge ends there…plus shareholder meetings sound exhausting.

  3. Blog Pies. I hope the 241.83 clicks that searched this and landed here weren’t terribly disappointed. I did have someone email me not long ago and complain that the blog never shares pie recipes. That’s not how this works, person. That’s not how any of this works.

  4. Cakes, Columbia, MO. Our name makes it pretty clear, we just sell pies. But if I had $1 for every single call we receive about cheesecakes, I would just hire someone to analyze our keywords for me.

  5. Rent to Own Dishwasher. I’m guessing that these fine people were on a quest to rent a residential dishwasher, with the option of eventually owning it. And that is a thing. I know because in Oven Crisis 2k18, Jeanne called every rent-a-center in town and asked if we could rent a fleet of ovens for three days. As it turns out, short term appliance rental is NOT a thing. Now we know.

  6. Martini Monday. I’m not opposed.

  7. Tech Guru Blog. I often suggest to Tech Guru Jason that he guest blog and he flat our refuses on the theory he has “nothing to say”. He did make me a super fancy spreadsheet to track sales that even I can easily use, so I feel like that is worth some content without question.

  8. Crack Is Whack. My knowledge of crack is limited, but I do know Whitney Houston famously said to Diane Sawyer that it was whack.

  9. Tori Spelling Blog. I can’t help but sorta root for Tori Spelling, even though she seems fairly unstable. I’m going to be 100% disappointed if she can’t make things work with Dean McDermott. I have no idea what this has to do with PJP.

  10. Chaos Coordinator. That’s me. All day, every day…happy to know Google acknowledges it.