Welp, my family and I are finally back in America after a ridiculously long day of travel from London over the weekend.  And let me tell you, the adjustment back to reality is BRUTAL. 


I'm sort of a terrible traveler in that I always struggle to reconcile everything I've seen and experienced while traveling with the life that we live here.  So I come home with expectations that I'll be a different - and better - person from the perspective I've gained while gone.  And honestly?  That is a lot of pressure.  Please tell me it works this way for everyone.

While I was far away from PJP, PJP certainly wasn't far from my mind.  I often forget that when I log long hours at PJP Buttonwood, I sometimes curb the creativity and vision that makes PJP the super special girl that she is.  So, if anything, the break helped bring some of that je ne sais quoi back to me.  In short, I could give you at least 1,763 ideas I had over the past 12 days about the future of PJP.  Maybe what I really expect is to come back from vacation as a person who also executes the ideas.  Wouldn't that be lovely - to have the ideas and then actually do all the ideas without being distracted, doubtful of myself, or weary of my own inner dialogue?  GOALS.

In the interim on the path to self-perfection, I worked on the staff schedule for June today.  And Jeanne and I made the very serious PJP decision that all Key Lime pies will now have homemade whipped topping on them, by popular demand.  Which really means nothing to you unless you a) work for us, or b) consider Key Lime pie to be your favorite at PJP Buttonwood.  But if you fall in either of those categories, then TODAY IS YOUR DAY.

And if not, I've got 1,761 ideas still on the wait list.  Hold on, your day is coming.


Rebecca Miller