Worth The Trip

So my return to PJP Buttonwood found our sweet girl in perfect shape (minus the computer responsible for our pie box labels, which suffered an untimely - though unsurprising - demise).  Jeanne and Team PJP were amazing in my absence, making a strong case that perhaps they don't always need me helicopter bossing everyone around.  (Most of Team PJP just whispered "yep".)

And if you weren't impressed by Jeanne already, what with her two blog posts in my absence AND her ability to contact me only via text even though she really hates text, I'll add here that she also kept my cats AND my garden alive at my house.  (Look, no one is more surprised than me that Behind-The-Scenes Jason and I have a massive garden.  And it is growing stuff.  I promise you now that if we can actually make a salad out of what we've grown later in the summer, I WILL NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS ACCOMPLISHMENT.)

So here is a few other things of note:

  1. Many of you have emailed to ask me how we chose Ireland & London as our vacation destination and here is where I'll give you a fun fact about Behind-The-Scenes Jason:  he LOVES ancestry.com.  LOVES.  He has traced his family back generations and a tour through Ireland would take us through a fair amount of his family history.  His highlight?  A stop at a castle built by his 6th great grandfather.
  2. And you can fly from Shannon, Ireland to London Heathrow for about $145 a person.  How could we pass on that deal?  
  3. Because we are fairly lame, we went through a few grocery stores to look at dessert pie options while in London.  These were seven pounds each (which is about $9.40)...

4.  And while all this was going down in Europe, we were logging into my phone to watch our dog on video camera in his luxe digs at Creekside Pet Center.  If you know me at all IRL, you know I'm a little over the top for our labrador retriever, Sparky Miller.  So watching him sleep (his favorite activity), chew his rawhides, and watch Animal Planet on his own personal television in his Home Sweet Home room?  PRICELESS.  Thanks to Jacob and his entire staff at Creekside.  Sparks gives his stay two paws up.


5.  And finally, as our vacation wrapped up, I found the perfect place to leave a little piece of PJP in London.  So right now, on a lamp post directly across from Big Ben, sits #WPD.  The look on the faces of my kids when I peeled the sticky off the back and slapped it on there?  Totally worth the whole trip...




Rebecca Miller