Team PJP Scavenger Hunt

As I mentioned last night, we hosted a group going away party on Sunday at my house for Sydney, Katie, and Sam. And it is no secret that we spend a lot of our spare time together, so we’ve perfected just hanging out together with zero agenda. For this last big send off, we decided to divide everyone into teams and send the teams off on an epic scavenger hunt across our neighborhood. And in preparation, Jeanne and I worked diligently on creating clues that would require teamwork within each group…and the opportunity to just have ridiculous fun. (One example, capture two of my nine chickens and return them to the chicken house, and be sure to take a chicken selfie. This is actually much more difficult than you would guess. )

On the more benign side of things, each team had to write down the correct spelling of meringue, as this is the most commonly misspelled word on our order forms and I feel like it is my duty as grammar super nerd to make sure each person on Team PJP leaves with the knowledge of how to spell this frothy egg white and sugar creation correctly. We also required each team to find Jeanne’s husband, take a selfie, and ask him how many of Jeanne’s famous cookies he eats each year. His response? At least a thousand.

And on the more difficult end, each team had to find the key to Jeanne’s garden shed and unlock it and search for a golden sparkly pineapple. The key was actually tied to her dog’s collar and then I didn’t think much about it until I realized that her dog had been at my house for most of the afternoon, not ANYWHERE near the garden shed. We didn’t mean to make it THAT difficult.

After our hunt, one parting request of Sydney and Katie was that Jeanne do her Lazy Susan Taste Test. In this event, each Team PJP member works before the party to find the most fruity and/or sour item for Jeanne to sample because those are her least favorite items in the world and her reactions are EPIC. The person who elicits the biggest response from her wins. I’m not exactly certain, but I think after Tyler offered her wasabi paste, she was freaking out and grabbed what she assumed to be someone’s water bottle off the counter and started to chug…except it was actually a bottle of vinegar I had left out when I was cooking earlier because I couldn’t find the lid. So, I actually think I won the event because you know what tastes awful? Drinking vinegar.

After we ate, we had some SUPER cute decorated sugar cookies from The Farmhouse Cookie Company. And then because being in your 20s affords you the flexibility to eat a large amount of barbecued ribs and then go bounce on our trampoline, that’s just what they did. And because being in your 60s and chugging vinegar affords you the flexibility to get on your Gator and drive across the gravel road to your house, that’s just what Jeanne did.