Jeanne-ology: Call Me Marshall Dillon

Hi There - it’s Thursday, and that means it is time for Jeanne-ology. I never know what Jeanne is going to write about until she sends it over, so I’m always just as surprised as you are when I take a read through. That’s the inherent joy in Jeanne-ology…you just never know. Enjoy! Rebecca


Well it is Thursday and Rebecca again reminded me that I needed to blog. Geez, a week passes so quick! I really don't have anything to say.  All I can do is tell you what is happening in my life this past week. (Rebecca editing to add: She ALWAYS has something to say. ALWAYS.)

On Saturday we made a lot of pies for Easter.  I think it was our biggest Easter sales ever. Saturday was crazy and I don't think we could have made enough White Chocolate Strawberry and Carrot Cake pies to meet demand.  Whisking and  making whipped topping for all those pies wore me out! My shoulders hurt and my wrists were sore. (Rebecca editing to add: We also all had a serious case of whisking elbow. It’s a THING, even if WebMD doesn’t know it yet.)

On top of this, Rebecca had invited the entire staff over for an Easter dinner and egg hunt.  I really wanted to go home and chill…and by chill, I mean that I would put on my lounge clothes and just sit.  About 3 p.m. she called to check on me to make sure I was going to be involved in the evening’s events.  When I expressed my desire to stay put, she told me to "suck it up", make the pasta salad, and arrive at 6 pm.  I am too tired to come, I said. No excuses, she said.  Sometimes I don't like talking to her., but the guilt I felt to show up won out.  However, the meal she prepared more than compensated for my aching joints. (Rebecca editing to add: I’m completely certain I didn’t tell her to suck it up. I might have gently reminded her that socialization is good for her and not every Saturday night needs to be spent with the remote control clutched in her hand.)

Rebecca helps me in not being so reclusive.  She reminds me that I need to be more involved and that I need to communicate with my family and staff. I know she is right, but it is so difficult for me!  I enjoy being home, being quiet, and working on my own projects at my own pace.  I do not need the television or radio on because silence is great.  Rebecca, on the other hand, is very social and needs interaction with other people.  We are so opposite.  She would go nuts without  other people around and planning events.  If it was up to me,  I would not see or talk to anyone for a month or so.  (Rebecca editing to add: This is all very true. Her tendency to be a hermit makes me crazy. CRAZY. She can stay home for four or five days in a row and not give it a second thought. Gah.)

Near the end of the party, everyone was having a good time, including me.  Katie commented that is was nice to see everyone out of the PJP clothes, dressed in regular clothes, and having fun.  When she said this, I was reminded that Rebecca was right. (Rebecca editing to add: I’ll just drop this here once…I TOLD YOU SO.)

Maybe Gunsmoke has had a big effect on me,  I am content with not seeing anyone and if anyone showed up, I would have a shotgun pointed at them to ask what they wanted.  My grandmother on my father's side was very much like this. She and my grandfather lived in the hills and never had company.  My grandfather would greet any stranger with a shotgun by his side.  (Rebecca editing to add: Welp, that escalated quickly.)

It is strange that the older one gets, the more they pick up the characteristics of their parents or grandparents.  I can see Rebecca changing as she gets older.  She has begun to pick up some of my characteristics.  I know that would shock her, as she never planned of becoming more like her mother! Rebecca keeps me from living a Gunsmoke episode and I am thankful.  She and my granddaughter are my life coaches.  Goodness knows where I would be without their direction.  Probably without friends, carrying a shotgun and waiting for Marshall Dillon to show up to save the day. (Does this mean I’m Miss Kitty in this extended metaphor? I’m going to need a Gunsmoke glossary, ASAP. At any rate, keeping her moving - and not threatening guests - is the least I can do. Also, 10,000 bonus points to me for not confusing Marshall Dillon with Matt Dillon.)

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