The Way To Go...

Last night, my subpar Internet connection was giving me all the woes. #Countrypeopleproblems. Here’s all the things I was going to tell you yesterday but couldn’t because we live a half-mile from reliable fiber Internet.

On Sunday, Team PJP came over for our annual Super Bowl party. We didn’t watch much football, but we did fully critique Adam Levine’s performance and debate the merits of Travis Scott as a partner to Kylie Jenner. When it came time for the picture we always take at these events to memorialize the experience, we decided that using the double doors to my home office would give the picture a fun Brady Bunch-esque feel. Spoiler alert: it didn’t…it was really just ridiculous. On the upside, we all laughed until we cried. Here’s my favorite outtake:


And while Tom Brady may have been living his best day ever at Disney yesterday, Jeanne was living an even better day. Her sample cleaning kit from Sysco arrived late last week and she finally had time to open it and analyze the goods. You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen someone giddy over an orange scented degreaser. SERIOUSLY. If anyone from Sysco marketing is reading this, you are missing a golden branding opportunity. Exhibit A:


While Jeanne strapped on her knee pads to clean the bottom of the freezer with her new items this morning (not even kidding), I worked on handing out our new aprons and ball caps that The Southern Rose embroidered for us last week. I’m pretty biased, but Team PJP looks 100% professional in our new attire.


On a final note, Sam noticed that the tag on the aprons said to not use bleach when washing the aprons. And knowing Jeanne as well as we all do, suddenly I’m thinking white aprons would have been the way to go…