End of an Era...

Today we wrapped an era at PJP known affectionately as the "those years we used a retro refrigerator in our store" era.  If you recall, one of our first purchases after opening PJP was a 1954 refrigerator from a Craigslist ad.  I'm fairly certain we paid $400 for the fridge AND delivery from Kansas City (and then low-key worried that the seller was really a killer to only find out that he low-key worried the purchaser was a killer...which could be the most Internet-era set of worries EVER.  As it turns out, he was super nice.  Whew.) And that refrigerator did not fail us.  It worked perfectly and was super charming in our store, until we just started making and selling more pies than the refrigerator could hold.  (I think if you ever want evidence that the mid-20th century was a simpler time to be alive, just look at the storage space in the refrigerators.  It literally only held the necessities because no one had ever contemplated that one day we would live in a world where the refrigerated dips section at the grocery store is mind wrenchingly overwhelming.  Also, can I just drop in here that Kombucha should be banned?  I know some people are all "yeah, Kombucha is so healthy!", but NO MA'AM, I'll be taking a hard pass on fermented yeast and bacteria drinks.)

So then we upgraded to our very fancy refrigerator and freezer just before Christmas and still yet, we couldn't bear to part with our old refrigerator friend.  And we displayed some tea towels in it until we decided that was a dumb decision.  And today, we loaded the fridge up to come live on my screened in porch, where she promises to live out her days chilling beer and wine and most definitely not kombucha.


Immediately after, Mac set to assembling our new tea towel display unit (which, Primitives By Kathy will sell you for $80 so you can display the Primitives By Kathy tea towels.  See how that works?)


And now we have this...


It certainly makes our store feel different, though I think each towel is a significant representation of both Jeanne and I...so while not pie, certainly a reflection of PJP.  They make a thoughtful little gift and I can vouch that they wash and dry well.

You could probably even use it to clean up your spilled Kombucha...