Wax Poetic

On behalf of Jeanne and I and our sweet girl, PJP, thank you so much for all your well wishes on her fourth birthday.  It still seems implausible to me that 48 months have passed, though I am melancholy for any sort of milestone that comes my way.  In fact, I consider one of my strongest skills as being able to wax poetic on a moment's notice.

So, today we celebrated just as you might guess:  by basically not celebrating.  We made a lot of pies and sold a lot of pies, all while keeping ourselves in check from any over-the-top celebratory actions.  And not that we weren't celebrating in our souls, we just couldn't think of any sort of thing to do that didn't seem contrived, goofy, or exhausting.  Though, not that those things have stopped us before.

Jeanne and I did spend a few minutes discussing the future of PJP and what it might look like, at least until I fell down the rabbit hole of "what if" and completely panicked myself into not even being able discuss the future.  Because you know what I don't like about the future?  The unknown.

But all that said, we did gift PJP with a long awaited addition to our baking area:  SHELVING.  And not to wade into the minutiae, but we are out of space.  And we own three KitchenAide mixers, but we can't use them all at once because we don't have the room (and it causes us to blow a fuse every. single. time.).    So we (and by "we", I mean Jeanne and Mac) devised a storage plan that relocated our microwaves to the existing shelving unit and then made room for the three mixers.  In short, I can't tell you any of the specifics of how it happened, but I wish we wouldn't have waited 48 months to do it.  That sounds right.  Happy birthday, PJP...you are a three KitchenAide mixer sort of girl now.