Well, it is fairly safe to say that we've now alerted approximately 94% of the world to our Food Network accolades and therefore, we are slowly returning to regular life.  And there's nothing to remind yourself just how average you are like a heavy baking schedule and needing a reminder on your phone to vacuum the front of the store before opening at 10:30.  When we haven't been talking about ourselves, here are some other interesting things happening at PJP...

  1. We ordered some new shelving for the wall space above our mixers in order to help alleviate our very immediate need for additional space.  Jeanne and Mac spent a significant amount of time measuring and choosing the shelving.  Honestly, I almost always recuse myself from any conversation involving a tape measure and the words "support brackets", so I can't tell you much except to say that Jeanne just can't even wait to hang them up and that totally suits her.
  2. After giving the side eye to our refrigerator-as-a-display-unit-for-tea-towels experiment, we've decided it completely doesn't work for us.  Or for people shopping for tea towels, because they are in the refrigerator (albeit, an unplugged antique refrigerator).  So we circled back to our original plan and submitted an order for a displaying unit for the towels and as soon as it arrives, the refrigerator is relocating to my screened-in porch at home.  I feel like Joanna Gaines would approve of this plan.  Behind-the-scenes Jason does not, as he can't figure out why an antique refrigerator on a screened-in porch is adorable.  (Spoiler alert:  he doesn't watch HGTV, except under duress.)
  3. And while we are at it, one our chest freezers in the back of the store took her final breath on Saturday morning and we were heartbroken to see her go.  She lived a full life of storing extra ingredients as we stocked up for big events and holidays and she was a beloved member of Team PJP.  (She's also currently sitting outside our backdoor and you wouldn't even believe how many people stop to ask if they can have it.)
  4. We will eventually need to purchase another freezer, but we have low-key hopes for a massive walk-in freezer.  And for that, we would need a larger space.  And for that, we would need a lot of money.  And for that, we would need a loan.  And for that, we would need patience and a business plan.  And for that, we would need time to write a business plan.  And for that, we would need time.  And we are always out of that.  Goodness.
  5. I would seriously bet you about anything that Jeanne just read this and wondered if we could find a shelf big enough to hold a freezer high enough off the ground to stack another freezer under it.  And then we would just use a ladder to get in the top freezer, because that scenario suits her.