Food Network

Unless you moved to Mars for the weekend, you've likely heard by now that our White Chocolate Strawberry pie was named one of the BEST PIES IN AMERICA by Food Network.  Whhhaaaaaat?

Look, we are just as surprised and as excited as you would imagine.  And since I posted our news to social media on Friday, I've been inundated with, here's a roundup of what we know:

Q:  How did this happen for PJP?  Did you enter a contest? A:  WE HAVE NO IDEA. No, seriously.  We didn't enter a contest.  We don't have a public relations person (short of myself).  We didn't send samples or pictures or 'send an email extolling the virtues of PJP (though we should, right?)  We are going to chalk it up to the following:  it is a BEAUTIFUL pie and we are lucky girls that someone recognized it.

Q:  How did we find out this happened? A: The company that makes and sells plaques to you when you win major awards called to sell us a plaque for it.  I'm not even joking right now.  And those suckers aren't cheap, by the way.

Q: Did we buy the plaque? A: No. As a rule, we avoid all plaques and stickers with our winnings because it feels awkward to hang up in our store. I would bet if either of us won the lottery, we would deny the photo with the big check because in all the ways we are high-key people about some things (like Gunsmoke and #worldpiedomination), we are low-key in some surprising ways.  Plaques = no.  Talking incessantly about the news = yes.

Q: Did we think the call was a joke? A: Yes. I had gone to buy bananas at Hyvee because I lead a very glamorous life and Jeanne was off for the day. The person calling left a message with Emily and I actually returned the phone call...which never happens, but the curiosity got the best of me.  I would actually buy a plaque congratulating me for returning phone calls, now that I think about it.

Q: Did you in-depth analyze the other winning slices of pie? A: Hahahahahahahahaha.  Yes.  It was a group activity at PJP.

Q:  Describe the White Chocolate Strawberry pie, please. A: Jeanne developed this recipe in a fit of creativity. We start with a baked pie shell and melt down white chocolate, cream cheese, and a splash of heavy whipping cream. This makes a base for the eventual layer of fresh strawberries. And then we cover the berries with a homemade whipped topping created by combining the juice of the berries, heavy whipping cream, and sugar in the mixer. It's basically amazing.

Q:  If Food Network offered you a show, would you take it? A: Sure. Can you even imagine the PJP shenanigans available in 30 minute television segments?

Q: If Food Network offered you a book deal, would you take it? A: Sure. Believe it or not, I have even more thoughts than I share here. Gulp.

Q: If Food Network offered you a burnt piece of toast and some warm water, would you take it? A: Sure. It's Food Network.

Q: What's next? A: Well, we will keep making pies. And avoiding plaques.