Chaos Coordinator

So, today we spent the better part of our Monday making 200 baby pies for a customer that plans to deliver them to 200 lucky recipients early tomorrow morning.  This is actually the third year that this particular customer has placed this order and therefore, let us wax poetic for a hot second about what a mess we were in year one...

While that year it took ALL DAY and a lot of high-key panic to get finished on time, we were smooth sailing through calm seas today.  (Seems we've learned a few things in the past 24 months, like DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOU MAKE THEM ALL TO START BAKING THEM ALL.  That's your pro tip for the day.)

Here's what else:

  1. Pi(e) Day is Wednesday, but we have a ton of orders from local companies for tomorrow in anticipation of Wednesday's celebrations.  We have pies due in every size that we make and in every flavor we make.  I'm not even kidding...we have 30 Sweet Potato tarts due and that's the least of it.  And we couldn't be more appreciative of the support from local businesses, truly.
  2. The phone rang at least 81 times today.  And 78 of those calls were to place orders for Wednesday.  (Two were automated calls from a company that wants to update our Google listing for the low price of $549.  The other one was the guy from the city that has to inspect our grease trap every year.  He came and inspected and we passed, so there's that.)
  3. And we aren't even taking orders for Wednesday.  Only one person was grouchy and let me know that Sam's will have plenty of pies for sale on Wednesday without pre-ordering.  Ouch.
  4. I got Jeanne and I both cute shirts that say "Chaos Coordinator" on them for Wednesday (from a local business), just in case anyone is unclear about who the captains are of this very large and overwhelming and unyielding PJP ship on our busiest days.
  5. And while Sam's has a lot of things, it doesn't have the owners there in a "Chaos Coordinator" shirt.  Maybe I should call that person back and let them know...