Well, today we announced on Facebook and Instagram that our new freezer at the front of PJP Buttonwood is now stocked with unbaked gluten free pie shells and the Internet immediately celebrated.  We've been low-key selling gluten free pie dough for a while now, but never thought to make it a public announcement until I happened to think "welp, there's something we can add to our freezer".  Which just goes to show you that low-key is never the best version of ourselves.  Here's a few other items of note...

  1. Tomorrow is National Pie Day.  Stop by and purchase pie tomorrow and be entered to win the right to purchase baby pies at the $5 price for an entire year.  That will be an epic inaugural PJP prize for the history books, right?
  2. I've noticed an increase in social media posts from business owners at gift markets in Atlanta, Dallas, and up next, Las Vegas.  Which has given me all sorts of envy, namely the sort of envy that comes with "why don't I sell some gift type items so I can go to Las Vegas and shop" envy.  That's a thing, right?
  3. I'm not even joking when I tell you that Jeanne and I discussed if the need to purchase greeting cards to sell in the storefront was justifiable with a visit to Las Vegas next week.  In the end, we knew we would spend a lot of money in travel and then want to buy more than the six square feet we've allotted in our tiny space to sell any non-pie type item could possibly hold.  I would be sad, but the maturity of recognizing all of that is one small step for entrepreneurship and one giant leap for PJP.
  4. But we did receive the materials in the mail to register for the American Pie Council's National Pie Championship in Florida.  As in years past, Jeanne is taking a hard pass on this activity and refusing to be sucked down my rabbit hole of competitiveness.  I hate when she's right.
  5. This has nothing to do with anything, but I finally finished the second season of The Crown.  It only took me six weeks, so I say to all the people who ask me how they should know if they are ready to be a mother AND entrepreneur: does 10 episodes in 42 days not make your head implode?  Then you are probably ready.

See you tomorrow, friends.