Write This On Your Calendar.

Despite my well documented dislike of January, things at PJP have been consistently busy lately.  And if we can maintain over the next two weeks, I'm going to declare myself a friend of January and move on to some other month to obsess about...(which will most likely be August, because it is generally our second slowest month.) But all joking aside, we've had plenty to keep us working away each day at PJP Buttonwood.  So much so that my progress on my list of stuff-to-do-when-we-aren't-very-busy has stalled a bit, which is exactly what happens when you need to ship 14 six-packs of Jelly Jar pies AND roast 16 chickens for pot pie in the same afternoon.  (If you stopped by PJP yesterday and thought "huh, this looks like a hot mess in here", you would have been so so so right.)  But on the upside, we are shipping more jars than ever AND finally our freezers are full of pot pie and everything feels on track...at least until next week when it is time to do it all again.

It hasn't escaped our attention that the official NATIONAL PIE DAY is next Tuesday, January 23rd.  This date is selected by the American Pie Council (yep, that's a thing) and I'm guessing they picked January 23rd knowing that if stores selling desserts ever needed any sort of extra boost, it is immediately after the holidays.  And if you have been reading here for long, you'll know that we typically declare the PJP National Pie Day to be on March 14th (get it?  3.14...like pi?).  Primarily because March 14th has gained more cultural recognition as a pie holiday and maybe no one has told the American Pie Council about this development just yet.

So Jeanne and Mac and I were chatting today about how to celebrate January 23rd in some way, but retain our big-time fancy pants, everything is $3.14 off, celebration for March.  We kicked around a few ideas, but then realized our options are somewhat limited since today is already the 18th.  Can someone please tell me where time goes?

So, here is where we settled...for each person that stops by and makes a purchase on the 23rd (in honor of National Pie Day, or in honor of Tuesdays, or in honor of Kim Kardashian's new baby, do you really need a reason to treat yo'self?), you'll enter a drawing for something AHHMAZING:  $5 BABY PIES FOR A YEAR.  We will randomly choose two winners in a Facebook Live drawing on Wednesday, January 24th and those two people can shop all year at the $5 baby price, any flavor.  It's $5 Friday, every day, all year.  That's worth celebrating, indeed.