Text Me.

Well, in case you've been worrying yourself sick over the pie server indecision, please know that I finally made a selection and somewhere right now, 150 metal pie servers are being imprinted with our logo.  They should be here within a few weeks and let's all hold our collective breath that they aren't a sorry excuse for a utensil.  And if you are wondering how I finally decided, I'll tell you that a representative of one of the companies I had selected for a quote actually called me today and his British accent was so swoon worthy that I just said yes to his proposal.  I suppose it is good that he didn't sell insurance or timeshares or refrigerated semi trucks, right? In other news, one of our sweet customers stopped by today for her favorite - Brown Butter Chess pie - and an idea that I immediately fell in love with - PJP text messaging.  In this scenario, interested customers could opt-in to a text message list and in turn, we would use it to text you judiciously (as opposed to just dropping you a line to tell you that we love you, but would that really be the worst text message to receive?).  For example, we were SO SLOW at PJP on Saturday.  We had made a fair amount of pie after experiencing a busy Friday, so by noonish, I started to worry that we would have a lot of leftover pie at our 4 pm close.  So I decided to post to Facebook that everything was half-price for the duration the day.  And we sold out long before our closing time, though people were still commenting on the post well into Sunday evening (mainly that they were sad they just saw the post because Facebook's crazy ways of populating our newsfeeds).  But, if I could just mass text it to everyone on the list...would that be easier?  I'm almost thinking so.  Without question, it would be fun to text notices of flash sales or give priority heads up for holiday ordering.  I've looked around a bit online with my mass knowledge of technology (ahem) and it seems fairly straightforward and easy (though, I would bet those are all just lies).  Average cost is about $99 for a service suited to a small business, which seems expensive but I don't ever question spending $4 a day on Starbucks, so I guess it is all about priority.  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason is a solid supporter...well, at least until I badger him with questions about making it work.  He just hasn't thought about that part yet.

And finally, I have absolutely no idea what to make of tomorrow's forecast.  Which, I guess makes me like 100% of everyone else.  BUT, if it actually does start to sleet tomorrow afternoon, we will likely close a bit early.  Mainly because we sell pie and we don't endorse anyone traveling through ice covered roads to purchase pie (though, we certainly see why you would).  And this is my way of saying that IF it does ice, you'll wish you had pie at your house and so you should just plan to come early tomorrow.

And that is precisely the sort of thing that I would text you, if I could mass text.  And I'd probably add to drive safely, because we do love you.