Bomb Diggity

Well, here we are with the first post of 2018...which seems improbable because surely it was only a few years ago that we were all convinced the world was going to collapse when the computers couldn't figure out how to change the date from 1999 to 2000.  But here we are eighteen years later with plenty of other stuff to worry about, like Bomb Cyclone winter storms.  (Though, mad props to the person who came up with that ridiculous name for winter weather because it is both terrifying and hilarious at the same time.  I bet that person watched A LOT of professional wrestling in the late 1980s and was waiting for an opportune time to bust out the greatest wrestling name ever, even if through meteorological pursuits.) Maybe I've had too much time on my hands to think about things, you think?

So, as you probably know, we've been closed since December 24th.  I spent the first few days of our break in a Christmas haze, but started to feel plenty guilty about our decision to close for the break by about the Thursday after Christmas.  And then I went in and worked on Friday for some private events that were on our calendar.  And about halfway in, I felt less guilty because it all sort of reminded me that running a successful PJP requires creativity and it is hard to be creative when you are elbow deep in flour for the thousandth time in two weeks.  But then no less than 18 people came to the door while I was working (yep, I counted) and most of them read the sign, pulled on the door, peered at me through the glass and waved me over to have me unlock the door and confirm we were closed for the week.  And then they were disappointed.  And I guessed it, guilty over it all again.  I know, I know...sometimes I get sick of my own self.

But then it was New Year's and a fair amount of chocolate martinis can make you feel better about all of your life's choices.  And then today, I went in to meet the Sysco delivery truck and do some prep work for the week and I thought to myself "welp, self, you should have opened today."  But my kids don't go back to school until tomorrow and so I would have felt guilty about starting back earlier and shorting them of the nice holiday we were having together.  So my point is that we open tomorrow and I'm excited and anxious and overthinking most things.  I think I'm off to a stellar start in 2018.  Ahem.

I didn't finish all of Season Two of The Crown over break, but I did think a bit about my resolutions for PJP this year.  And along with dominate the world, I'm going to go with "keep the growth trend moving up" and "don't cry at PJP Buttonwood, even once".  I thought about adding "make my own coffee every day instead of buying Starbucks" and "generally be a more organized person" but PFFT...we all know how that will work out.

And if I can do just those two things, the growing and the not crying, well that would be the bomb diggity.  Which is far preferable to the Bomb Cyclone.  Just sayin.