Well, our first day of living with a large merchandising cooler was everything we hoped it would be (even with the three or four people who marched right past it and immediately went for our old refrigerator, only to find it woefully empty).  The freezer needs to have an outlet change before it is functional and when the electrician stopped by today, he promised he would be back with a 1083.  Or a 1099.  Or a whatever, because I know nothing about electricity and I would really just like to plug that freezer in and have it work as soon as possible.

Here's a few other things of note...

  1. If you follow us on Instagram (and you really should), you noted yesterday that Jeanne suffered an epic egg disaster when she dropped 12 dozen eggs on the floor.  A fair number broke, but a surprising number hit the floor and rolled.  When Kevin came in early this morning, he found one under the refrigerator and it makes me wonder what else we missed.  I guess time will tell, right?
  2. Speaking of time, we will be closed the week between Christmas and New Year's, as is our annual tradition.  Our last full day is Saturday, December 23rd and then we will be back to regular business on Thursday, January 4th.  I'm starting to feel plenty guilty about it, as is my annual tradition.
  3. But I also would like a solid set of days to do nothing but watch Season Two of The Crown on Netflix and allow my whisking elbow to fully recover, so...
  4. And while I'm thinking about it, a lot of people have emailed me to ask if they should pre-order for Christmas pies.  YES, PLEASE.  We will be busy and as our week progresses toward Christmas Eve, we will start to lose staff each day to their holiday travel plans.  By next Saturday afternoon, it should be down to just Jeanne and I, kicking it old school like the early days.
  5. And speaking of early days, we launched PJP on a Kickstarter campaign and ironically, we have one ending in THREE DAYS.  We are currently 50% funded as of right now for the pie truck of our dreams.  We are grasping to some serious hope that something unbelievable happens in the next 72 hours.  Which would be funny only because we perform our best under pressure, so I feel like our truck should as well..