Large Item Delivery.

Well, while we've been waiting for Santa to come in big for us this year in the way of a completely adorable pie truck, we've taken matters into our own hands on another much awaited PJP purchase:  a merchandising cooler and freezer for our storefront.  (On the Kickstarter front, it's looking pretty bleak with 42% funded and five days to go, but we have hope until the very end that something magical might happen for us.) But back to our newest additions to PJP Buttonwood not related to crowdsourced funding...if you've been here long at all, you'll know that we've been giving the side eye to some fancy refrigeration for the better part of 2017.  As we've grown, it has become much more difficult to stock all of our cream pies in our antique refrigerator in the front.  And honestly, most people assume that it is merely a decoration (sometimes we hear people comment "oh, I didn't even know you made cream pies!").  Gulp.

So after much consideration, planning, stewing and then eventually sending pictures of our driver's licenses to the leasing company, we ordered two big glass door units just about two weeks ago.  We were told delivery would take 2-9 days, so we naturally assumed the truck would show up on our busiest day at our busiest moment.  And not to disappoint, the truck rolled right in the parking lot at 10:30 Friday morning.  Which brings me to my pro tip of the day:  WHEN YOU ORDER LARGE ITEMS THAT MUST BE DELIVERED ON A SEMI TRUCK, THE SEMI TRUCK DRIVER JUST LEAVES THEM ON YOUR FRONT SIDEWALK.  (In our case, the driver also declined to be photographed for the blog...likely related to our "you are just going to leave these here??????" line of questioning).

It took Mac and Kevin (and eventually an emergency phone call to ask Tyler to come in as well) a better part of a few hours to un-package the units.  And when it came time to take them off the pallets, we needed to borrow some more muscle to make it happen.  So Jeanne walked to the barbershop a few doors down and asked for some help from any of the barbers who weren't busy with customers.  One was available and soon it was time to lift the first unit off the pallet so the wheels could be added and rolled inside.  By this time, all of Team PJP was evidenced here:

And when the unit was finally lifted, the barber (not pictured here for anonymity's sake and likely because he now hates us) sliced his finger open.  To the bone.  Is this the part where I should tell you he didn't have insurance?

So Jeanne loaded the barber into her car and whisked him off to Urgent Care and Mac and Kevin and Tyler worked on adding the wheels to the first unit to wheel it in.  The rest of Team PJP baked and I primarily stressed over the damage to the barber and the very real possibility that the cooler wouldn't actually fit through the front door when it was finally time to bring it in.  (Spoiler alert, it did.  But just barely.  And that's good because I probably would have imploded from anxiety if it got stuck.)

Thankfully the second unit was unpacked and inside much quicker and without injury.  And Jeanne returned with the barber and his new eight stitches.  Hey, you know the going rate for stitches in this town?  $100 per stitch.  Plus the shame we will feel forever when we see him walk by to work.   At the minimum, I feel like he won't be donating to our Kickstarter in the next few days.

But, all that said, our storefront looks amazing.  And we've all learned important lessons about large item delivery...