Insert Heart Emojis Here.

In a sure sign that Thanksgiving is only 17 days away, Tiger Ice delivered an freezer trailer to our alleyway today.  We used one last year during the week of Thanksgiving and because we actually are getting smarter about certain things, we knew having the trailer for an extended period of time could only help our production and our sanity.  Here is my public declaration of love for Tiger Ice...they had it delivered and running within an hour of our call to them and worked with us on a great price that made keeping it for the next two weeks an affordable option.  Insert heart emojis here.  And if there is an ice emoji, then some of those as well. Here's a few other items of note...

  1. We have 209 frozen pies on order for the Missouri Contemporary Ballet this Saturday.  (So now you know why a freezer trailer is the gift that keeps on giving.)  The MCB sold frozen PJP as their fall fundraiser and we couldn't be more pleased with the results.  We have solid plans to work steadily toward the Saturday morning pickup time and those plans don't involve spending the night on Friday, so let's all keep our fingers crossed.
  2. Another person today ordered 55 frozen Dutch Apple pies for next Wednesday.  Maybe I should ask Tiger Ice if they have a freezer semi truck instead of a mere trailer for everything we plan to do in the next two weeks.
  3. And then another person ordered 50 six-packs of Jelly Jar pies to be shipped out next Wednesday.  300 jars eight days before the biggest pie holiday of the year is equal parts exciting and terrifying.  Gulp.  (And if you are curious about Thanksgiving numbers, we are well over 500 orders as of this evening.)
  4. We have a specific mixing bowl that we like to use when making our pie fillings.  We bought those bowls in the very early days of PJP, so they've been looking a bit worse for the wear lately.  (Can you even imagine how many pie filings have been made in them during the last 42 months?)  We originally purchased the bowls at Dierberg's, so Jeanne called the store in Osage Beach and they kindly ordered us 15 new bowls.  We used them this morning and they legit made us so happy that it was borderline ridiculous.  We are an easily pleased bunch of people this time of year.
  5. And finally, remember how I promised a $50 gift card to the first person I saw with a #WPD sticker on their car (a person I'm not related to, married to, or on my payroll...that is)?  Well, it happened and it was just as exciting as I hoped it would be.  Insert heart emojis again...and some car emojis too.