Whisk Khalifa.

Well, in case you missed our social media posts earlier today, we made this announcement...

I know, right?  We can't even hardly believe it ourselves.  If we all discussed how much we need to accomplish in the next 18 days, we would need a shots of vodka, hugs, and 12 extra hours in the day.  Even the guy that delivers our pie boxes noted as he unloaded his truck this morning. "wow, you guys must be planning on making a lot of pies."  Yep.

(Speaking of extra hours though, yesterday I used the gift of the extra hour from the daylight savings fall back to lay in my bed before anyone else in my house woke up and watch the Lady Gaga documentary on Netflix.  Judge all you want, but IT WAS TOP NOTCH.)

And as if we don't have enough big things going on in the next 18 days, we took a colossal step forward to #WPD yesterday by filming our Kickstarter video for our pie truck dream.  Gulp.  I suppose here is where a rational person expresses fear and uncertainty about trying to raise a lot of money for a mobile pie store, but we just keep thinking about all the fun we could eventually have by bringing #WPD to the masses.  (We had so much fun working on the video together that I can't even imagine how we would handle a truck.)

Unlike our first Kickstarter rodeo, wherein we partnered with no one and rather filmed our subpar video on my phone, this time we wised up and called in Marshall at Byler Media to make us look like the best version of ourselves.  And I'm not going to give any spoilers by telling you just yet about the video content, but please know that it involved costumes, props, and many puns.  You'll also note appearances by a fair amount of Team PJP, my family, and a Starbucks barista.  Also, please note that someone needs to give us our own reality show, because all of the behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes from yesterday will forever make my heart so happy.

While Marshall is working away to edit us into some semblance of a polished production, I'm working away on writing the Kickstarter campaign...which proves to be more challenging than you would expect.  (Which is funny only because I've done one successful Kickstarter campaign already, so you would think I would know better than anyone that our work is cut out for us before the calendar closes on 2017.)  If I can stay on task (barring any major baking emergencies), I am hopeful to see the campaign post next week and run for 30 days.

And then whatever happens, I'll never trade the memory of brainstorming gangsta rap pie puns with Team PJP.  But if it funds, I'm going to have to check the personalized license plate availability for "Whisk Khalifa".