Spoiler Alert.

Tonight, we hosted our October Epic Pie Tasting event.  And it was notable for two reasons:  1) it will be our last pie tasting of the year since we have some busy days headed our way over the next two months AND 2) we suggested everyone come in costume, even though I am not a costume sort of girl. (As a side note though, I didn't end up at JoAnn's at 5 pm this afternoon in a terror sweat for costume components.  I actually went by yesterday and they basically had four Halloween items left on the 90% clearance rack and the rest of the store was all Christmas.  Sounds right.  Anyway, my good friends at Starbucks hooked me up this with an apron and a Zombie Frappuccino (it's a real thing), making me a barista for a night.  Best, easiest, and most legit costume of my life.)

We made some interesting pies today and some were a total win (Maple Syrup Pie) and some were, well, meh (I'm looking at you, Sour Cream Blueberry).  But the costumes did not disappoint...check out this sweet trio that gave us goals for days...

So beyond baking for the storefront and for the party, I didn't get a single other substantive item done today.  That said, here are a few small items of note:

  1. We were featured on Buzzfeed again, this time as a perfect gift for tailgaters.  The article also references PJP as serving up some of the best pies in America, so holla to #WPD.
  2. My count this morning shows us at over 250 pies on order for Thanksgiving already.  I'm not organized enough to know if that is on par with this time last year, but it certainly feels like more.
  3. There's only three things on this list because someone has a Kickstarter campaign to write.  Spoiler alert, it's me.  #buythattruck