Meditation Fail.

A few weeks ago, I listened to an episode of How I Built This with Guy Raz.  The feature was Barre3 with Sadie Lincoln and in her episode, she made the important distinction of just letting her business sit and breathe, even in uncomfortable silence, much like we should do in meditation.  I've been turning that around in my head for a while now, namely because there seems to be merit to that idea, right? That said, yesterday seemed overwhelming on so many different levels...mainly a billion or so unanswered emails and texts and a long to-do list, even though Monday is technical my Sunday.  So I tried to sit both PJP and I in meditation.  And you know what?  Sadie Lincoln and I could never get along in real life.  I just felt panicky and unsure.  (And who are we kidding...Sadie Lincoln is far smarter and more successful than I am, so what do I know?).  Here's what's going on while I should have been meditating:

  1. We had a weekend of epic proportions at PJP.  Booked full for orders on Saturday, I went in and started baking when it was actually Friday night and not Saturday morning.  I know this because I passed loads of people driving home from a fun night out while I muttered bitterly at their shenanigans in my no makeup and ponytail.
  2. But we got everything done on time and with no crying, so I'm calling the first epic baking session of the fall a complete win.  Also, I listened to six podcasts in a row and there was no one else in the space with me to complain about my podcast choices.  My soul needed that.  (I can't recommend The Popcast enough.)
  3. We've been invited to apply to the Home Shopping Network (HSN) fall buyers meetings in Washington, DC.  I will apply with zero consideration for what it means to PJP because Daymond John is on the panel of product selectors and well, that is Shark Tank adjacent.  I'll need a thirty second video to showcase our Jelly Jars and our entrepreneurial spirit, so if you have connections of someone that has more than an iPhone but less requirements than a Hollywood blockbuster budget...send them my way.
  4. After everyone's encouragement on my pie truck of my dreams, I sent the owners of the truck a Facebook message.  They would love for us to own it (what a coincidence, as we would love to own it...what are the odds?).  We are scheduling a FaceTime tour of the truck later in the week.  And this doesn't mean we have plans to move forward, but I've always wanted to be hip enough to plan a FaceTime tour.  As in, "oh, she can't come to the phone right now because she's on a FaceTime tour".  Take that, Sadie Lincoln.
  5. Finally, I breezed through Hyvee late this afternoon to pick up a few things and out of the corner of my eye...I saw Jeanne's eye on the cover of MU Health's new fall magazine...