Something To Consider...

Even though we were overwhelmingly busy today with orders for events and a steady line of customers for most of the afternoon, I found myself dwelling on that swoon worthy little pie truck for sale that I saw on Instagram earlier this week...

It's basically adorable.  It's $18,000 of adorable.  It's we-would-need-to-sell-6,000-tarts-to-pay-for-it adorable.  Did I mention I think it is adorable?

So, here's the truth.  Adding this truck into #WPD would open a giant portal into the next level of pie domination.  That means we would need to bake more to stock it and then we would have to continually have it selling pie at different locations/venues/events to make it worth the monthly cost.  And that?  Well, that sounds overwhelming.  And I sort of like the thought of it.

But the $18,000?  Gulp.  We don't have $18,000 and I haven't emailed the bank because they would probably like the blood of my first born son, an eye of newt, and a codicil to my will that gives the bank rights to my estate in perpetuity.  And frankly, I'm not mentally there yet to have that conversation.  But I do know that if we owned it, we could sell so much pie.  SO MUCH PIE.  Sadly, banks don't lend on the opinions of CEOs.  Or women CEOs, anyway.

So in the interim while I dwell, let's talk about all the fun things we could do with that truck...

  1. Stock it with fresh tarts and park it downtown on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10 pm to 1 am.  Drunk people love pie, that's a scientific fact.
  2. Take it to festivals galore.  It would be feasible to participate in so much more if we were self-contained in a pie truck and not constructing a booth out of a tent and six foot tables.
  3. Venture to the bigger cities of St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield for a PJP pop-up shop.  Or a drive-up shop, if you want to get technical.
  4. For that matter, roll into the smaller towns and recruit #WPD followers.  Insert mental image of Jeanne leaning out the window with a megaphone.
  5. Use it to facilitate Thanksgiving and Christmas pie pick up instead of spending $400 to rent the vacant and bleak space next door.

Something to consider.