Guide to Thanksgiving 2k17...

So, I'm not afraid to admit in this very public and very permanent forum that frankly...I enjoy some Taylor Swift.  And when her lyrics of that new song referenced getting smarter in the knick of time, the conventional Internet wisdom suggests that Taylor is talking about Kanye West.  But who even cares, because you know what I was thinking about when I heard that?  THANKSGIVING. Without question, my goal is to make sure that PJP is smarter as we approach our biggest sales week of the year.  And honestly, it takes a serious post-Thanksgiving conversation with Team PJP to break down what worked well for us and what didn't work well for us after each year.  And even more importantly, it takes a serious discussion with Jeanne to break down what made us feel like we were playing our best game and what us feel like we were falling apart over those few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Two common themes always present themselves in these conversations...a lack of baking space and an ardent wish that we could figure out how to make an extra thousand or so pies for all those who stop by last minute and never considered pre-ordering their pies.

But here is where we are kicking it up a notch or too in the smarter department this year...unbaked frozen pies.  We have customers who regularly ask us to make our pies but then not bake them.  Rather, we put a sticker on the box explaining just how to bake PJP in their oven at home when they are ready.  This year, anyone choosing to pick their frozen and unbaked pies up in the several weeks prior to Thanksgiving will receive a 15% discount on their total purchase (November 1st - November 18th).

Now, keep in mind that to continue being smarter about this Thanksgiving game, we must significantly pare down our menu options.  Most often this causes at least a few people to cry while standing at our front counter because the entire menu isn't available for purchase, though it is the only way to streamline our efforts to bake as much as possible and get pies in the hands of the people.  And that's the secret behind #WorldPieDomination, right?

So here's the breakdown:

For frozen pies, your menu options are completely open with a few simple caveats:

  1. No cream pies, simply because they don't freeze well.
  2. Frozen fruit and nut pies will be available in the baby, nine-inch, and 12-inch sizes.  Tarts and Jelly Jars will not be available for the frozen discounted option.

For the week of Thanksgiving, we will be open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10:30 to 5:30.  Freshly baked nine-inch pies will be available via pre-order only.  Here's the 2017 list...

  • American Apple
  • Dutch Apple
  • Caramel Apple
  • Southern Pecan
  • Chocolate Bourbon Pecan
  • Pumpkin
  • Brown Butter Chess
  • Cherry Crumb
  • German Chocolate
  • French Silk

We are pretty excited about our new plans for Thanksgiving this year.  And we are pretty certain that Taylor would approve...