How Could I Not?

So by now, you might have seen on the Internet that Chip and Joanna are ending Fixer Upper and oh, also that PJP has been named one of the 10 Best Pie Shops in America by Country Living magazine.  A moment of silence for shiplap, but holla to our sweet PJP for having a moment of fame.  Without question, PJP can be demanding of our time, energy, and focus, but it pays off in spades to be recognized by a mention in a national publication.  I considered signing PJP on all the copies of Country Living in the check out lane at Hyvee today, but I kept myself in check in a rare moment of restraint. And whether or not we are riding a high from a great public relations win (hint...we totally are), it remains the evening before the annual Roots and Blues festival.  And like all the other vendors slated to be a part of the festival, we worked long hours today in preparation and have an early start for tomorrow planned.  We've decided to take ONE THOUSAND TARTS to the festival over the course of the next three days.  How we reached this final decision was unsurprisingly very unscientific.  We know that last year we sold out early each day and it was the worst to turn people away because we simply had a finite amount of product.  So we've worked really hard this year to plan and prepare in advance for 100 tarts each of ten different flavors.  And we will be sure to stock the artist hospitality tents with all sorts of PJP because I feel that if Ryan Adams is coming to Columbia, then Ryan Adams should enjoy some PJP.  And Ryan Adams should have a #WPD sticker.  And Ryan Adams should read Country Living magazine.

If it all sounds to you like planning for this is like walking around with jello in your hands while looking for a bowl, you'd be right.  1,000 tarts could be too many...or we could fall way short of demand.  Or perhaps it will be just right and fall in the sweet spot between availability and demand.  This year the festival has converted to a cashless system, which advertises that the average festival patron spends up to 30% more when cashless.  If that's true, let's hope we still have enough to sell until close each evening.

So for anyone coming to the festival, please come visit us.  We are in Booth #2, which is next to the Great Southern Bank stage and basically adjacent to the Amanda Shires/Emmylou Harris/John Prine line up on Sunday afternoon.  I think Amanda/Emmylou/John all need a #WPD sticker.  And a Country Living magazine.  I'll be signing PJP on those, because how could I not?