Formal Introductions...

In working on the new site, it was suggested that I add an "About Me" tab...which is only sort of funny because it never occurred to me that we might need a formal introduction after all this time together.  But since we are welcoming more and more new readers here each day, I decided to give it a go.  (Jeanne, however, eschews all social media on the theory the government might track us via our Facebook check-ins and blog bios.  On that theory, she isn't sharing that she loves cleaning with razor blades and hates cilantro.  On the other hand, I'm an open book and don't mind cilantro.)  Here is what I drafted for our blog site... My name is Rebecca and I own Peggy Jean’s Pies, gourmet pie bakery in Columbia, Missouri with my mom, Jeanne.  Before I started the campaign to create #WorldPieDomination, I was a lawyer.  How I went from one career to another is an exceptionally long, albeit somewhat interesting, story.  Thankfully I’ve chronicled most of it here on the Internet for anyone else contemplating changing their entire life for an unknown adventure.  Spoiler alert…I suggest you just do it.  Whatever it is.  Really.

So, way back when Peggy Jean’s Pies was just a twinkle in our eyes, I started writing a blog about the journey to open a business.  I simply wanted tell the story of two people building something amazing.  Honestly, I thought it would last a week and fall into the category of things I have started and not finished.  And that’s quite a notable list, including such hobbies as cross-stitch, sewing pajama pants for my whole family, and cutting decorative letters with a Cricut machine.

But then I told my mother about the blog.  And my husband.  And my best friend.  And here we are four years later.  Honestly, no one is more surprised than me. 

Anyway, this blog is about trying to build a business.  And working with my mother.  Neither is always easy, but both is always rewarding.  But don’t ask me about either one during the week of Thanksgiving because I will probably start crying if you even look in my direction and raise an eyebrow.

If you are curious (and I would be if I were reading this), I married my husband in 2000.  I’ll refer to him occasionally on the blog as Behind-The-Scenes-Tech Guru Jason.  This is simply because he is an introvert that has way more computer skills than me.  He has a completely separate job from PJP and when I’m working long hours during the holidays, he probably wishes that I did too.  We have a son that is 14 and a daughter that is 12, which seems improbable since we are only 25 ourselves.  We also have a dog that I adore, three indoor cats, and a slew of outdoor cats.  We live on seven acres and recently had a conversation over dinner about what sort of chainsaw might be the best fit for our joint chainsawing needs.  I’m certain once we were 21 and having a great time on spring break in Florida and then I blinked and now we have teenagers, a lot of animals, and an alarming number of trees that need trimming.  

In conclusion, I like words, sunsets, interesting people, and iced coffee.  I don’t care for judgment, lack of empathy, cinnamon, or taking one’s self too seriously.  Oh, and if loving goat cheese is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Enjoy reading our story -