Saying Something.

In a mid-week diversion, Jeanne and I found ourselves at the University Hospital yesterday morning.  Unlike May, this visit didn't end with a 10-day stint in the ICU for Jeanne (whew)...rather this visit was for a photo shoot for the University's magazine, Archives.  We were interviewed by the magazine in June regarding Jeanne's harrowing pulmonary emboli experience and now it was time for a visit with the doctor that treated her in the ER and a slew of photos.  (Suffice it to say that it is 100% better to visit the ER with a load of pies and a lot of hugs for the people that saved her life than under the circumstances we were there under in late May.) We chatted with Jeanne's doctor, Betsy Borsheski, for a bit in a trauma room while we tried to look natural and suck it in to look as skinny as possible while the camera snapped away.  Betsy is a super fun person to talk with though (fun fact, we actually went to high school together) and it was easy to forget that we were being photographed until we had to leave the trauma room because an actual trauma was en route to the hospital.  We moved out to the hospital's healing gardens for more pictures and here is Jeanne and Betsy having a laugh because somehow Jeanne ended up out there holding a nine-inch mixed berry in, thanks for saving my life, have a pie.

In all seriousness, we were so honored to have the opportunity to bring a lot of pie to the ER team and personally share our thanks with the ER crew.  Their focus on Jeanne that day made all the difference between her surviving an often fatal condition and well, not surviving.  Saying thank you a thousand times will never cover it, right?  So, Betty Borsheski and the ER and MICU teams at University Hospital, you hereby advance to the Inner Circle at PJP.  I can't guarantee this will bring you all that you deserve, but it does promise that you will always get Thanksgiving pies, even if you order after we close down our pre-order system.  And that's saying something, at least.