It's The Mucus.

Every Tuesday, I use the Sysco app on my phone to place our weekly food order (which sounds far more interesting than it actually is).  Looking through the order guide, I noticed the line item for a 60 pound case of pumpkin suddenly appeared and I felt a cool chill run down my spine...because we are almost at the time of year where 60 pounds of pumpkin a week is completely reasonable.  Gulp. (I didn't order it.  I left it for next week on the theory that ordering it September was far more palatable to consider than ordering it in late August.  Also, I put the "pro" in procrastination.)

A few things:

  1. We are in Buzzfeed AGAIN, showing up last night in a post for "10 Subscription Boxes For The Perfect Stay-At-Home Weekend".  I say "AGAIN" like we couldn't even be bothered, but trust me, a note that we've been included in Buzzfeed is like a Hallmark card from them to me.  Swoon worthy.
  2. And because we've received so much Buzzfeed love, I'm endeavoring to create a "Tell Us What You Love and We Will Tell You What Kind of Pie You Are" quiz, which is a very Buzzfeed-y sort of activity.  It isn't as easy as you would imagine though, given the number of quizzes on that site that are uploaded by community contributors.  Or more likely, the vast majority of community contributors are younger and vastly more skilled than I am.
  3. Tickets for the September 21st Epic Pie Tasting are now on sale by calling the store.  I've had a new pie in mind for a few weeks now and can't wait to try it out.  Pie tasting is really just the most fun night out, I promise you.
  4. We decided to commit to Moon Pies for the Full Moon.  That means Tuesday, September 5th is Moon Pie day.  We will do the salted caramel, the coffee, and the peanut butter moon pies all day (or until we run out).  If you are interested in more than just a few or want to stake your claim in just a single one, feel free to call ahead and pre-order.  I just put in an order for a Peanut Butter moon pie for myself because being a 50% owner guarantees nothing around this joint when demand is high.  (Though I bet someone here guesses that Taylor Swift didn't really order a Moon Pie.  Ahem.)
  5. This summer, Madeline and Sydney had a great idea for a Double Punch day for the baby pies.  If you aren't familiar, we have a punch card and once you buy 10 baby pies, you get one free.  Stop by this Friday and receive double punches on all the baby pies you buy.

And this has nothing to do with anything, but I received a fair amount of emails about the snail here is what I know:  you put it on your face before bed and you don't wash it off until the next morning.  Nope, it doesn't smell weird at all (in fact, it smells like nothing).  And heck yes, it feels super weird.  I have the jar of the product and after you scoop some out of the container and put it on your face, the container contents reformslike you never touched it.  That gives me pause, though I felt more moisturized this morning.  I just need someone to stop by on Friday and be all like "you look younger!" so that I can aptly respond..."it's the mucus!".

But I digress.