Something For Everyone.

Well, I spent most of our morning working on updating our food costs...which is basically as interesting as watching paint dry and as annoying as driving behind a slow person in the passing lane.  Though, in the best case of irony ever, we were featured yesterday in an accounting blog about our skill in turning an old school product cool again.  Thankfully they didn't make it awkward during the interview by asking us about how often we update our food costs. So, because we are friends here, I'll tell you that the last time I broke out all of our food purchase invoices to figure out just how much a cup of key lime juice costs or the current market price of an egg WAS IN 2015.  I know, I'm ashamed of myself too.  And not surprisingly, everything but sugar, egg yolks, and rhubarb have increased in price.  (And now that I've publicly announced this, someone in the rhubarb industry is all "wait...what? someone raise prices immediately before their next order").

But I guess it is good to know that pecans cost $8.32 a pound because it gives me something to be righteously indigent about when I have nothing else to stew around about.

A few other things:

  1. Last week, I met three different people from Naples, Florida and all three mentioned a PJP Naples.  And then I turned on an episode of House Hunters (as one does) and the house hunt was in Naples.  And today, we had another customer announce they were visiting from Florida.  NAPLES, FLORIDA.  I don't know what any of this means, but I felt it was worth a mention.
  2. Our first Thanksgiving order is officially logged in.  Except I haven't made an Thanksgiving 2k17 order form yet, because August.
  3. Did you know the Roots and Blues festival is going cashless this year?  Because it is and I need to go to a meeting to figure out how to scan bracelets so we can get paid when we sell pie.  There's a sentence I never thought we'd type.
  4. I also need to provide our full menu for Roots and Blues to some sort of online interface so that it is on the machine that scans the bracelets.  Which means we can't make a game decision on our offerings.  Gulp.
  5. Finally, we spend a fair amount of time looking for Jeanne's reading glasses during the day (and her phone...and her keys).  And now she's ordered glasses that she will need to wear all the time.  So...basically, I'll need to hire an additional employee who only keeps track of Jeanne.  And make the Thanksgiving order forms.