I Digress.

So, tonight's post goes up a bit late simply because it is raining and the PJP Compound has the sort of internet that goes out when it rains.  Or drizzles.  Or when it is cloudy, actually.  But earlier this evening, Jeanne came over and picked up the leftover pork chop from the dinner I cooked and carried it on a paper plate back to her house for her dinner...which is sort of ridiculous and sort of perfect, all at the same time.  So terrible internet is a fair trade off for the sort of family memories that my future grandchildren will find incredulous.  (I think.) So we had some VMS 153 developments today, but I almost forgot completely about them because I happened to just read that Bonnie Tyler plans to sing Total Eclipse of the Heart on a cruise ship Monday during the eclipse totality.  Um, WHAT?  How did I not know this before today?  I feel like the person who does the marketing for Royal Caribbean could have just blasted this proposed performance out to 40 year old women around the world and sold the cruise out in 15 seconds or less.  When I mentioned it to Behind-The-Scenes Tech Guru Jason, he mumbled something about cruise ships and waves and gravitational pull and a total eclipse...but WHO CARES because I would totally go see Bonnie Tyler, even in the middle of an ocean.  Even a significantly wavy ocean.  My 21 year old former self would demand it.

But I digress.

So today our person that is working with us and the quest to the VMS 153 stopped by the with plastic barrier sealing bags we all hoped would work with the pie crust for retail packaging.  As it turns out, they are just about one-forth of an inch too small (we can force them in, but the tin crumples a bit).  So now we wait for the sample of the next larger size and hope they aren't too big.  The ones that are just perfect have to be purchased in a quantity of 50,000 bags or more at once.  Call us the Goldilocks of the pie crust sealing world...finding the bag that is just right is never as easy as it would seem.

So that's it and I'm posting this before the rain starts again.  Which reminded me of that Eurythmics song, Here Comes The Rain Again, which I would totally see performed on or off a cruise ship with or without an eclipse (or any rain actually).  But I digress...