A Few Things.

I sent my kids back to school today, which just serves as a reminder that time stops for none of us.  And if you know me at all, you know that this sort of maudlin sand-in-the-hourglass sort of thing just SLAYS ME.  Here's a few other items of note from when I wasn't crying while leaving school parking lots:

  1. We shipped off a sample pack of Jelly Jar pies to Goldbely.com today.  Goldbely is a website that gathers some of the best handmade gourmet food in America and places them on one easy-to-shop website.  Let's hope they love PJP and add us to their already impressive collection of stores to shop.  I looked around a bit and you can buy 50 famous New York hot dogs for $199 or 12 Maine Lobster rolls for $249.  And I thought shipping pies was difficult and expensive...
  2. After binging most of How I Built ThisI cracked into Half Hour Intern and it does not disappoint.  It is basically a show that interviews people about what they do.  So far, I've listened to the one on being an opera singer, the one about being a diver in the Navy, and I'm halfway through one on the work of a dairy cattle nutritionist.  I did take a break from listening to email the host about the compelling story of a lawyer turned pie empire enthusiast.  Ahem.
  3. We are slated to be part of the SEC Beer Fest next weekend.  Over 75 breweries from across the United States will be on hand to sample out beers, along with a handful of food vendors.  All of the festival proceeds go to charity, so we couldn't pass up a Saturday event to sell pie, drink beer, and help out some great local organizations.
  4. And trust me when I say that basically everyone at PJP was willing to make their Saturday available to sell pie in the midst of a multi-brewery beer fest.
  5. Oh, before I forget, moon pies are on the menu for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week.  They are $3 each and available in Salted Caramel, Coffee, and Peanut Butter.  Call ahead to reserve if you need more than a few, just to be sure we have them in stock.  Moon pies picked up on Saturday will still be good for Monday's eclipse.