Let's Buy Sweatshirts.

For Throwback Thursday last week, I posted this gem to our social media pages...

And I only post it here because Jeanne would like me to announce to the Internet collective that she is UNCLEAR WHY SHE IS WEARING A SWEATSHIRT IN THIS PHOTO.  She didn't wax poetic for a single second about our youthful faces, but spent a significant portion of time wondering where this photo was taken and well...obsessing about the sweatshirt.  (I'm fairly certain it was taken by Olan Mills at a Holiday Inn Holidome, as most fancy pictures in the 1980s were, right?  I'm unsure on the sweatshirt, but I can tell you that if Jeanne could style my hair right this VERY SECOND, she would style it as shown above.  Yaaaaaas.)

(I spent most of my time with this picture obsessing that I am currently older than Jeanne was in this picture.  True story.)

So it is the start of another month at PJP (we are turning 42 months old this August, in case you are keeping count).  I'll tell you that August is traditionally our second slowest month of the year, though I find less time to stew about it than in January because of all the back-to-school for my own kids and my PJP kids.  It will take a solid four weeks to remember who is going to class when and who is working when and for how long.  Our summer help, Madeline, will leave next week to return to school in Springfield despite our pleas for her to stay because we love her so much.  (And, we will gain Sydney's brother Tyler next week as he starts Mizzou as a freshman, marking our first sister/brother employee duo.  #EmployerBucketList)

And then it will be fall...a post-eclipse, summer's over, Thanksgiving is in 100 days...FALL.  Let's all go buy sweatshirts.