Once In A Blue Moon.

As promised, we dedicated a portion of our day to making moon pies in hopes of finding the perfect recipe so we can jump on the whole "ONCE IN A LIFETIME ECLIPSE" bandwagon.  And basically, I still have a headache from all the sugar.

We all know that Team PJP is just the best ever, but the creativity in our kitchen today was nothing short of amazing.  I actually did not participate in the creation of the moon pies, opting instead to visit the accountant, create invoices, and answer emails (don't be jealous).  So when I got back from all of my errands, Team PJP had moon pies laid out for our family taste test, complete with clever names.  (The fourth one pictured?  ONCE IN A BLUE MOON.  Made and named by 11 year old daughter, who has wit beyond her years.)

This likely won't surprise you, but we couldn't make any decisions about the winner, as they were all delicious in their own ways.  We also had to think about our ability to make a lot of each particular kind and how we would package them and how someone could eat one without being covered in homemade marshmallow fluff from head to toe.  And honestly, once we ate all of them and talked about all of that, our blood sugars spiked and we couldn't make any serious decisions (except the one to drink a lot of water and have salad for dinner).  (But trust me, none of this stopped me from taking samples home and repeating the entire process with my family tonight.)

We have Epic Pie Tasting on the schedule for tomorrow, so moon pie discussions are likely shelved for a few days.  But we had fun and everyone really thought outside of the box, which I love.  I've started listening to a podcast from NPR called How I Built This and I'm sort of in love with it.  Each episode focuses on an entrepreneur/innovator/idealist that discusses the story behind their business and/or their movement they've created.  I just finished one on Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey, who really discusses the creativity and vision found in entrepreneurs and how important it is to build a team who brings that creativity and vision with them each day they come to work.  And of all the things I love about Team PJP, it is that...all opinionated, all smart, all creative, all talented...and all in for #WPD.  And Jeanne and I, we are lucky girls to be a part of it.