I've decided that the worst part of moving (besides the total chaos) is the actually the pressure to be the very best version of myself as I organize and decorate this new house.  Currently, all of our tupperware has matching lids, our closets are organized by color, and our canned goods are all facing the same way.  (Bonus points if you just referenced Sleeping With The Enemy in your head.)  Trust me when I say it won't last more than a few weeks.  It's nice to know that I still have it in me though. We are all settled for the most part and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has felt normal for the past few days.  Which, ironically, is probably completely normal when you pack up your house and move after 14 years.  I think it is safe to say though that we are all fairly in love with this place and if I could rewind my life 20 years, I would go ahead and get a screened in porch then.  Except my 22 year old self wouldn't have appreciated drinking coffee early in the morning on a screened in porch, or writing blog posts at dusk on a screened in porch.  She would have rolled her eyes at both.  Trust me.

So, except for an hour or so early Thursday morning, I haven't been at PJP Buttonwood.  I really thought I would be able to at least be there in the mornings to make the baking schedule and spend a few hours getting our day lined out.  Except then no one in my family could find the toilet paper or clean clothes on Friday morning.  Then on Saturday morning, I needed to find our dishes in the worst way and by the time it was all said and done, I just threw in the towel and decided to devote all my energy to the house until Tuesday morning.  But, honestly, I've really missed PJP and I can't wait for tomorrow.  (I think she's missed me too.)

Last Wednesday, I was working on something for PJP with a third party and that party happened to make me SO MAD that I almost couldn't see straight.  So mad that I had to get up and leave before I cried, which is really just the worst cliche for a woman in business, right?  So mad that I stewed for at least 36 hours about it.  I won't say who it was or what it was because this isn't the appropriate forum, but the feeling that I was left with was the utter belief from this entity that PJP wasn't worth much...that we hadn't accomplished much and our ability to grow more in the future was dubious.  I would bet you anything that this person would say that they didn't mean it to come across that way, but it did.  And IT SO HURT MY FEELINGS.  Are we allowed to say that in the business world?  My feelings were super hurt and it is going to take a while to get over it.  (Holla to all my fellow grudge holders.)

So a few days from the routine at PJP was probably exactly what I needed more than anything.  I'm still mad, but mad in the sort of way that I'll just be mad forever but I won't be crying about it (because they were SO WRONG about PJP and I recognize it).  So, I'm anxious to get back to PJP Buttonwood tomorrow, to right where I need to be, to get on with our week...because PJP is tremendous.  And she has so much potential.