So here's the last official blog post from my current, lived here almost 15 years, house.  And you may be thinking...meh, who really cares?  But, I do. You might know that I'm the worst with maudlin affairs.  I cry when I leave my kids on the first day of school, and then again on the last day because another year has passed.  New Year's Eve is seriously my very least favorite holiday on the calendar (cue up Auld Lang Syne and bring me a box of tissues...I'm still okay with drinking the champagne).  I do not care for the passage of time as a general rule. I know it is better than the alternative, but um...comparing something to DEATH doesn't ease my overthinking mind.  Goodness.

So not surprisingly, our final night in this house is a little emotionally charged.  (Even our pets know something is up around here).  Without question, we are movin' on up like George and Wheezy to a much bigger house on seven acres and our kids won't even have to change schools in the fall.  So, it is a great move for us.  But I just keep thinking about how quickly time passes and it sort of slays me.  It needs to stop for just a bit so I can drink in all of the small things that make a day, and a month, and then the years that go so quickly.

So cheers to all the nights I sat right in this very spot and blogged our PJP journey.  And cheers to the times when I came in after a rough 24 hour shift and laid directly in the middle of our living room floor with our dog.  And cheers to our stairs, where I crawled up them on my hands and knees on more than one occasion after a rough day of baking.  It is nice to know that absolutely nothing will change except now our master bedroom will be on the main floor and I can just crawl directly down the hallway to the shower.  HOLLA.

And most of all, cheers to our house for taking care of our family for so long.  She's been a great house that way...and I know she will be for the family moving in here next week.  And so many thanks to Team PJP, who have been patient and helpful as I try to orchestrate this move...even though they've had to stay longer hours to bake AND provide relentless feedback on my wall color transformations.  Apparently it takes a village to run a business AND to settle a household.  You heard it here first.