Our past few days have been nothing but a flurry of trying to get both Jeanne and I back to some semblance of a post pulmonary embolism routine (let's call it a PPER).  AND IT ISN'T WORKING BECAUSE SHE IS MAKING ME CRAZY. We are in the process of moving Jeanne from her Lake house to her new Columbia house and oh, also moving her out of her Columbia rental house and all of that also into her new Columbia house.  Everything housing related came to a screeching halt during her 10 day hospital stay, but resumed with full force as soon as we could reschedule a closing date.

Basically, our days this week go like this:

Me:  How do you feel?

Jeanne:  Oh, okay, I guess.  Sort of tired.  I forgot to take my medicine this morning.  And I unpacked for 10 hours without stopping to eat.  Or drink.  Or sit.  I also moved some furniture around.

Me:  OMG.

Jeanne:  Quit fussing at me.  I can't stand the mess of the moving boxes everywhere.


In other news, my head hurts.