Collaborate. (And Listen).

Without question, Jeanne and I are fairly lazy at collaborating with others outside of PJP.  In my entire 2016 planner, I scheduled in all of the Wednesday morning One Million Cups presentations at the Innovation Hub at the Downtown Incubator...and actually attended none of them (but my intentions were GREAT).  Insert sad face emoji here because if you've been to One Million Cups, you know that it is a great place to meet other entrepreneurs and listen to their stories and struggles.  Alas, it seems I'm always baking and unable to leave PJP Buttonwood on those Wednesday mornings (which is our key struggle, actually...irony is the best). Also, let's be honest...Jeanne and I exist in a pie vortex and could write an entire textbook on the signs of codependency.  So there's that too.

So it actually works out perfectly that our employee Emily owns Sugarberry Blooms and is working just as hard to bring her floral creations to the world as we are working to bring pie domination to the world.  And because we spend all day talking about everything imaginable together, we are our own mini One Million Cups.  Minus the cups.  And the vast field of expertise feedback.  And a larger focus on anything but flowers and pies.  But full of Michael Scott references, and that is always a win.

So when Emily suggested we collaborate on Valentine's Day, I immediately agreed.  (Well, I immediately heard Vanilla Ice lyrics in my mind...and then I agreed).  Emily suggested she bring tons of fresh, beautiful flowers and have them available for purchase at PJP Buttonwood for anyone interested in buying their true love/best friend/co-worker/child/neighbor/teacher a pie AND a flower arrangement without having to make two stops.  Also, we believe in fresh, made from scratch with all-the-love pie and Emily, she only believes in fresh, created with artistic vision and all-the-love flower arrangements.  FINALLY, collaboration PJP style.  I think PJP will be the place to be tomorrow.  (Also, tomorrow is my birthday and I never take aging well.  I actually have no idea why I didn't cut in a winery in on this collaborative deal.)

Earlier today, Emily sent me some pictures of a few bouquets she has readied...

This is only the start of what she will have tomorrow AND we have a huge baking schedule to cover all the favorite (so much chocolate!).  I can't think of what else you could need.  Except wine.  Ahem.