You Are Welcome.

In typical PJP work style, we decided late last week to participate in this weekend's Wedding Show at the Holiday Inn Expo Center.  (Well, we actually decided three months ago or so and I finally had the time last week to complete the application and write the check for the $500 entry fee.  I blame the holiday work schedule and my general skills of procrastination.) And in case you haven't heard by now, the weather is supposed to be a terribly icy mess for the entire weekend.  Or a terrible rainy mess.  It could go either way according to whatever weather app you might be looking at in the particular moment.  So rather than starting the year under a cloud of "ooohhhemmmgeee, what if we can't get to PJP Buttonwood to make tarts on Saturday for the wedding show on Sunday and what if we get to the show on Sunday and there are only five brides there because everyone else is at home in the yoga pants watching Netflix while it sleets??", I just emailed today and cancelled our booth.  By doing this, I'm certain that I've guaranteed it will be sunny and 52 on Sunday afternoon.  YOU.  ARE.  WELCOME.

It still leaves a planned baking party on Friday night and orders for Saturday just hanging out there in the face of freezing rain and sleet, so we still have plenty to stew around about over the next few days.  I saw someone I know posted on Facebook earlier this week about what was  most surprising about being an entrepreneur or biggest lesson learned sort of question...and I have a full list, but also:  WEATHER.  Obviously winter weather impacts business, but surprisingly does really cold or really hot days.  (I need to find a place that offers sunny and 65 degrees every single day and open a PJP there.)  I used to be someone who never dwelled on weather and now I'm one winter event away from purchasing a Farmer's Almanac.  I feel like Willard Scott would approve.  And that he would support #WPD.