Happy Thanksgiving, Friends.

Well, I fully planned to post a Thanksgiving recap last night but then I got home and showered and slept for FIFTEEN SOLID HOURS.  Fifteen. Solid. Hours. I could probably write a minimum of ten posts on how it all came together (and rest assured, I probably will), but I just wanted to drop by and say it all went well and we couldn't be more thankful for Team PJP and for all of our customers on this ultimate day of thanksgiving.  I didn't cry once during the 60 hour marathon of baking but darn if I couldn't now just thinking of all the kindness and community that we were a part of over the last few days.

Let's start by acknowledging Team PJP.  Holy smokes, they worked so hard with us.  We had long hours and a heart-stopping baking list.  Everyone poured their heart right into it, never once wavering or complaining.  It was late Tuesday night and we were baking and listening to music and talking about whatnot and Kayla remarked that she felt like she was at a Friendsgiving, minus the turkey.  Well, be still my heart...I COULD NOT AGREE MORE.  Yesterday morning, I was getting a little stabby from sleep deprivation and Mac started helping me box and made me laugh so hard that my stabby almost tears turned into legit laughing tears.  The challenges of entrepreneurship are many, but the rewards are so worth it.  And for me, at least, creating a work environment full of wonderfully talented and creative and kind people who make 60 hours of baking not so bad, well...that is just the best.

And oh, the PJP customers...YOU ALL ARE JUST THE BEST.  Everyone was so kind and enthusiastic during the pie pickup process.  And you super fans who commented on how organized we were and how proud you were of us for the calm atmosphere, you warmed my heart.  You knew how important it was to us and how hard we worked for it and you noticed and appreciated it.  And the number of people who didn't have pie on order but texted me to check on us, came by to see us, and/or just sent us all the mental vibes for success...we felt them.  THANK YOU.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Not this week...or the other 51 in the year.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends...