You Are The Best...

As it turns out, today marks the three year anniversary of our successfully funded Kickstarter campaign.  And if you are keeping track, that means we have been at this PJP V. 2.0 game for just a smidgen over 1,000 days now.  ONE THOUSAND DAYS.  Gah...that is so many, right?  Here's a few things we've learned...

  1. We are both seriously determined women.  Or seriously stubborn women.  Or maybe both, honestly.  There's been a few times in the past 1,000 days when we've been overwhelmed but we've refused to budge from #WPD goals.  (Most of our Inner Circle just rolled their eyes and whispered "stubborn" when they read this.)
  2. We are FANTASTIC at ideas and marginal at execution.  We've probably come up with 1,000 plans in 1,000 days.  I would guess about 100 of them were actually interesting.  And we probably delivered on 10 of them.  (I think this is the struggle bus of all creative people.)
  3. Jeanne and I are closer than we were 1,000 days ago.  Working with someone for a lot of hours teaches you to communicate well, or you just start to fight.  Don't ask me how we figured that out.  (It's going to make a great book one day...)
  4. And speaking of being close to others, we've expanded our circle of friends by hundreds.  The past 1,000 days have gifted us with so many great new people that we couldn't imagine our lives without them now.  I couldn't have anticipated that three years ago, which only goes to show you that some of the best things are just out there waiting for us all.
  5. And finally, we couldn't have guessed how much we would grow to love our sweet PJP.  1,000 days ago, she was just a concept and a future plan and just a big pile of unknown.  And she's a part of us and she reflects so much of what we have put into her.  She reflects back the very best of us both...and that is just a gift we could have never seen coming.

And as always, if you were a part of that original Kickstarter campaign and you still read up here to check on us, THANK YOU.  Your contribution 1,000 days ago has brought us a long way and we are mindful of it each day.  And for everyone else that has come along side since then, well...we simply couldn't do it without you either.  You all are the best.