Consistently Obsessing.

Well, for the tens of you that might be wondering about our final decision to rent the space next door for the month of November...we did sign the short term lease today and write a $400 check to our landlord.  Now we are in possession of an extra 1,400 or so extra square feet for the next 30-ish days.  I think we were both a bit caught up in worrying about how beautiful the space currently doesn't look, but the reality is that most people just want to pick up their pies without waiting in a long line.  (And until Thanksgiving week, I'm tempted to drag a folding table and chair over there so I can have an office for the next few weeks like a legit professional.  Though, sitting at a card table in the middle of an old Check N' Go by myself while surrounded by 100 pounds of pumpkin would feel a little awkward...) Now that space issues are resolved and a target number of orders established (#thousandthanksgiving), we've really needed to make a decision about what our Thanksgiving week will look like.  If you remember, our first year we decided to open on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  And because we were a little (read:  A LOT) on the grouchy and surly side both of those days, we decided last year to not open and instead enjoy a long weekend with our families.  This year, we really struggled to make a decision.  We looked at sales numbers and talked at length about whether we needed to be open those two days for the revenue (and also, not to disappoint people, to be honest).  But in a huge leap of entrepreneurial maturity, we've decided that wearing pajama pants for four days and getting a lot of time with the people at home who put up with our crazy work schedules during the holidays should win out.  (Netflix should win out too.)


So now there's really not much left to do but take orders and consistently obsess about how it is all going to work out.  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason is working diligently on the online ordering form and in the interim, we even made up special order forms for in-store use.  Now our employees just need to just need to write in the customer name and phone number and circle the date of pickup and the pie types.  I know...I don't know who we are right now either.  (Rest assured though that we have the consistently obsessing thing down LIKE A BOSS.)