Bring It On.

Well, to start, thanks so much for all of the kind words regarding our Food Network magazine appearance and my nomination for the annual Columbia Daily Tribune's Women in Business awards.  Suffice it to say, we were feeling pretty special and on top of our game by the end of last week.  Then I needed to vacuum the rugs in the foyer while Jeanne worked on scrubbing the bottom shelves of the refrigerator, so let's all make a toast to keeping it real... anigif_enhanced-3894-1402756791-6

And because life goes on, a few important thoughts about frying pies:

  1. We worked again on fried pies for Roots and Blues, trying to perfect our skills and figure out how long it takes to fry each one and what flavors we would like to offer during the festival.  And then we searched for a commercial fryer we could rent for the weekend, but EVERY SINGLE FRYER IN BOONE COUNTY HAS BEEN RESERVED.  I only put that in caps because how often in my life will I get to make such a strong statement about fryers?
  2. In the course of researching fryers-for-rent, we noticed that we could rent a soft serve ice cream machine for the Roots and Blues weekend.  And that made us wonder how alluring it might be to be able to add a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream to a pie (fried or not) upon the purchaser's request.  Is that a good idea?  Or am I motivated solely by the siren's call of an endless stream of vanilla ice cream simply by pulling a handle?
  3. That said, if you don't want every ad sponsored site in the entire world to show you pictures of fryers or ice cream makers for purchase, then don't look at either on Amazon.  Trust me on this.
  4. Actually, the thought of owning a large scale fryer is a sobering thought.  I'm not sure we are ready to go down the road to fryer ownership.  But I've been primed for commercial ice cream maker ownership since birth.  BRING IT ON.
  5. And finally, I wrote a brief chapter for a publishing company on owning a niche business and signed the releases earlier today for publication.  I'm seriously happy they didn't find out first about the cutthroat world of the niche fryer rental market, or they would have never asked for me for my thoughts about pie.  Seriously.