Over the last week, we've had some seriously epic milestones come our way at PJP.  We may have danced around a bit over all the good news coming our way... crazy-dance

So, I'm going to throw all modesty out the window and tell you about our two favorite things from the past week...

To begin with, last Thursday I received an email from a Food Network Magazine editor working on a story about pies in each state.  They needed some high resolution images of our favorite pies so that our work can represent Missouri in the article.  I KNOW, RIGHT?  I immediately texted our go-to commercial photographer, Aaron Ottis with the news and when my phone rang just a few minutes later and his name popped up on the screen, I wasn't at all surprised.  (What I love about Aaron is that he basically gets as excited as I do about things like this and the unique opportunity to share our work with a national audience.  And his photos are beyond amazing.)

He made a plan to come over Friday morning and photograph several different pies on several different backgrounds.  And I so, so, so, so, so wish I could drop an image in here of those pies he photographed last week because they are just swoon-worthy.  But I can't yet...what happens in the publishing world fight club stays in the publishing world fight club.  AT LEAST UNTIL IT IS ON NEWSSTANDS NATIONWIDE.  And then I plan to frame it for posterity.  And perhaps laminate one copy and carry it around in my purse and show it to anyone who might listen to me for more than three seconds.

We are so honored and oh my goodness, are we excited to see how it all plays out.  (And if Food Network decides they love us and they want to give us a reality show, a cookbook, and a baking line of products branded with the PJP logo...we are totally saying yes.  Ahem.)

And in exciting news in an entirely different category, the Columbia Daily Tribune honors women in business each year with a luncheon and awards in several categories.  I was a little surprised (and humbled) to see that I have been named a finalist in the "Emerging Woman of the Year".


And without question, this is an amazing group of women who believe in what they do and are pursuing it with everything they've got.  Not to be a total cliche, but simply being nominated is beyond an honor.  (That said, I would be totally down with winning that fancy award because well, I'm human.)  A panel of local business leaders selects the winner in each category, so there is nothing to be done but enjoy being nominated and look forward to getting dressed up in a non-PJP baking outfit on October 4th and having lunch with a room packed full of women who are inspiring us all on the regular.  Don't mind if I do...