Frame That Sucker.

A year or so ago, we ordered a MASSIVELY large poster of our #WorldPieDomination logo that was designed for us by the exceptionally talented Gillian Tracy.  And when the poster arrived at PJP Buttonwood via FedEx, we were completely without shame as we basked in the glow of SO MUCH #WPD.  This picture was taken the day the poster arrived, not long after Gunnar started working for us and was too shy around us to deny our ridiculous photo requests... FullSizeRender-60

And then true to our nature, we rolled that beautiful poster back up and stuck it in the cardboard shipping tube with the goal of "frame that sucker asap".  Except "frame that sucker asap" meant different things to Jeanne and I (as you might guess).  I advocated we order some sort of frame on the Internet at a reasonable price.  Except a frame at a reasonable price for a poster that size doesn't exist unless you are interested in a plastic frame, which we were NOT.  And then I suggested we just use some thumbtacks so we could at least get it hung up and Jeanne almost lunged across the kitchen at me from the mere mention of thumbtacks and the poster in the same sentence.

And then because she is who she is, Jeanne announced that she would simply build a frame.  I've learned not to dismiss her plans to build things out of wood using a saw and a miter kit, so I signed on to her plan.  And then we both promptly forgot about our "frame that sucker asap" plan because it was the fall and we were busy.  And then it was the holidays and we were even busier.  And then it was the new year and we were super slow and worrying takes a lot of energy.  And then it was spring...and well, you get the point.

A few weeks ago, Jeanne decided she was finally ready for her framing project.  Thankfully, her plans didn't include me because I'm not interested in sawing or having conversations with her about measurements.  On her Tuesdays away from PJP, she worked away and called me with promising updates.

And today, she delivered it and it is SWOON WORTHY.  I wanted to lay my head against it and whisper that I loved it, but I worried she would yell at me for smudging the glass...


Next comes the task of locating studs and hanging the frame.  The frame is heavy and my only hope is that we can hang it without breaking the glass or the wall.  I bet Gunnar is totally happy he isn't here for this part of the project...