Anything Is Possible...

In a total throwback to our earliest days, Jeanne and I worked at PJP on Saturday by ourselves.  It had been a sweet forever since we spent the day together baking and waiting on customers without any help from our staff (who were all moving or vacationing before school starts).  And we made excellent use of the time, talking about every aspect of World Pie Domination you could possibly even imagine. And as we often do, we talked about a lot of BIG ideas.  We are fantastic creators of elaborate plans and complex designs for growing our business.  In fact, if given the time and opportunity, goodness knows how many plans we could create.  That said, our ability to implement the plan and follow through with the plan on a consistent basis remains a true struggle indeed.  When we become a major national corporation, I'm going to install a group of advisors to read through our plans, help pick out the good ones, and then call us out on stuff that isn't done.  (Though, I'm fairly certain I've just described a Board of Directors...except calling us out on stuff may involve firing us, if that is possible.)

But whatever, because we are in charge and we like to try new things.  To that end, consider two ideas from Saturday...

Our first idea is fairly straightforward, easy to execute, and based completely on our love of a good alliteration.  This Friday, all baby pies are $5.  Or, otherwise known as, $5 Friday on the 5th.  We will bake a lot of baby pies and sell them all for $5 (plus tax, of course...Uncle Sam isn't down for shenanigans, even if they do roll right off the tongue).   There is no point or end goal really...except it sounds fun and we know we can make it a great time for everyone who stops by.

Our second idea is well, interesting.  We were talking on Saturday about things we wanted to get done this summer but didn't because we logged long hours working at PJP.  And high on our list of things to do together is go to Ikea with absolutely no plan.  The last few times we've been, we've had husbands and kids with us who threw themselves across the display couches and sighed loudly what we were TAKING FOREVER.  So what if we just loaded up a party bus of like minded people who just want to go to Ikea and not have anyone ask them how much longer they think they will be looking at bath towels?  And what if we could pack that party bus with 40 or so friends, snacks, and drinks (wine) and have the bus driver take us to the St. Louis Ikea and pick us all up a few hours later and drive us (and our many, many, many purchases) back to Columbia to the PJP parking lot? Now, that is something to consider, right?  Because we are all friends here and friends that shop for dagstorp sofas together are friends forever (or something like that).

I did a little research today and if 40 or so of us are interested, we could load ourselves on the finest party bus in town for about $40 a person round-trip.  The bus promises wi-fi, televisions, large onboard restroom, plenty of refrigerator space for water (or booze), and all the room for those blue Ikea bags.  We don't know if this is an interesting idea or a bizarre idea, so if you have some tentative interest for a Saturday in September, leave us a comment here, drop us a note at, or call us at the store tomorrow.

If it looks like it will be A THING, then we will start to put a ritning together (that's the Swedish word for "a plan"...or maybe it is a coffee table...anything is possible.)