Reunion Tour.

Though it hardly seems possible, here we are on the eve of July 1st...already halfway through 2016.   And as always, the last day of the month means taking a few minutes to assess June 2016 over June 2015.  We grew by 19.6%, making this month our best so far in comparative growth over last year.  Holla to upward sales trends... 812474

In other news...

  1. Our baking schedule for the next two days is MASSIVE.  This will be the first holiday for our new Team PJP members.  Fingers crossed they all come back to work next week.
  2. I've gotten quite a few questions about the new team members - Katie, Andrew, Shelby, and Kevin.  Here's Andrew (pics of the others coming soon)...13516337_548201872047825_9101000568485230316_n
  3. When he isn't becoming an expert in rolling dough, he is a legit collegiate track star.  No word on if he plans to each any of the rest of us to hurdle.
  4. As we are planning for the busy weekend, the conversation has naturally progressed toward their many questions about other busy times, like Thanksgiving and specifically how many hours we think we will all work that week.  Uhhh...all of them?
  5. And in that line of thought, I'm trying to convince Gunnar and Mitch to fly back and work that week to create a Team PJP Reunion Tour.  Once they commit, I'm totally ordering t-shirts.