Since opening our doors, Jeanne and I have been approached by various consultants in the area who have promised to help us grow our business and provide entrepreneurial guidance.  And we've ignored them all, mainly because we are headstrong and are generally opposed to anyone telling us what to do.  (A member of my squad once told me that hiring one would be a waste of money because regardless of the advice given, I would do whatever I wanted.  This person is pretty dead-on accurate about me at all given times, never more so than in this instance.) But a few months ago, we were introduced to a local consultant who seemed different than all the others we've met.  We became insta-friends and for the last two months or so, I've been meeting with him on a bi-weekly basis.  He's never once told us what to do, but rather simply has a conversation with us about what we think we want to do about certain aspects of PJP and then provides input.  I think he should market himself as an entrepreneurial therapist.  Let's call him ET.

I only mention this here because this is the story of PJP and getting ourselves an entrepreneurial therapist is a big part of where we are right now.  A third party perspective on managing growth (and working to continue growth) has given me some fresh perspective.  And because I really put the "pro" in procrastination, someone giving me a task list at the end of a meeting and expecting it done before our next meeting in two weeks is a good motivator for me.  Which means I have a hefty list to complete before July 7th and I'll try to do the bulk of it on the 6th.  Old habits die hard, no?